The Data Driven Future of
Revenue Growth Management

  • Automate your Category Management.
  • Use your Field Sales team as a data source.
  • Execute winning pricing & promotion strategies.
  • Get Advise, today.

What is Advise?
Advise is a fully serviced digital hub for Revenue Growth Management for the consumer goods industry. Advise offers automated predictive and prescriptive data analytics across the following key modules:
Category Management
Advise automatically combines multiple sources of category data into one model for automatic reporting. Reduce the manual and tedious efforts of repetitive report generation and embrace a data-driven future.
Category Management
Field Sales
Empower each field sales rep with a personalized mobile app to make in-store visits and reporting as easy and efficient as possible. Generate your own actionable data source.
Field Sales
Pricing & Promotion
Advise offers real-time future scenario simulation for both price change and promotion strategy development. With recommendations for future winning strategies, your data driven future is here.
Pricing & Promotion
Increased Revenues
With confident data-driven decisions, our customers grow their annual revenues by up to 3%.
Increased Margins
With Advise, you can deploy winning data-backed pricing & promotion strategies with confidence.
Increased Efficiencies
With over 75% reduction in data wrangling time, save that wasted time to drive efficiencies and business action
Automation for everyone
Dashboards and optimizations are automated and dynamic. Everyone can easily access and interact with the insights.
Tailored to Any Fit
Customised and configured for your specific inputs and output needs - we are your data science team. Advise is your tailored solution.
Cloud & Mobile Available
Robust, scalable, secure. Served from the cloud and available on mobile devices.
"The Advise platform gives us one view of our data, unifying the information and improving efficiencies which means we will also realise costs savings as less time is allocated to data mining across the departments. It's helping us stay informed while many of the office team are working remotely during the Covid-19 crisis."
Stephen O'Neill - Head of Category, Insight and Field Sales
O'Brien Fine Foods
Clients & Partners
Our mission

Help everyone in your company to make better decisions, faster.
We believe that enabling everyone within a company to have access to the insights locked within a company’s data is very important. That’s why we work with our clients to understand and unify their data and then make it as easy as possible for everyone to access the information, that is important for them to make decisions and add value.
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