Field Sales

  • Empower each field sales rep with the Advise Sales Assist personalized mobile app. Make in-store visits and reporting as easy and efficient as possible.
  • Data is expensive to buy in, therefore generate your own actionable data source from your boots on the ground.
  • Turn your Field Sales team into a data sensor network - gather your own market intelligence.

Advise Sales Assist

Sales Assist

Become an expert of every store in your territory with detailed sales, availability, distribution, plannograms and targets all unified in one view.
Use the Advise Sales Assist app to manage and empower your sales team in the field.
Turn your field sales team into a data sensor network - gather your own store level intelligence data.


"I save a day a week building the weekly sales reports and I have empowered my reps to take control of their own sales data and targets."

Stephen O'Neill

Head of Category, Insight and Field Sales O'Brien Fine Foods

Advise Sales Assist

Store information

Sales Assist is a mobile app for reps with all of the information and reporting capabilities they need at their fingertips.



All data flows into Advise and is consolidated, aggregated and visualized automatically

Advise Sales Assist
Advise Sales Assist

Objectives, reports, surveys, complaints and more

The app shows every store on the reps route, explaining objectives and making store visit reports, periodic surveys, and complaint submissions easy.

Advise Sales Assist

Increased Revenues

With confident data-driven decisions, our customers grow their annual revenues by up to 3%.
Advise Sales Assist

Increased Margins

With Advise, you can deploy winning data-backed pricing & promotion strategies with confidence.
Advise Sales Assist

Increased Efficiencies

With over 75% reduction in data wrangling time, save that wasted time to drive efficiencies and business action.
Advise Sales Assist

Dashboards for all

Everyone can easily access and interact with the automatically updated dashboards.

Advise Sales Assist - Mobile app for field sales

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