Category Management

  • Advise automatically combines multiple sources of category data into one model for automatic reporting.
  • Reduce the manual and tedious efforts of repetitive report generation and embrace a data-driven future.
  • The output is available in one place to everyone across the organisation, no querying or coding necessary.
  • With Advise Category Management everyone sings from the same data playbook.

Category & Insight Management
Forget about wrangling numbers for repetitive reports, everyone has them at their fingertips automatically.

You will see a major reduction in random ad-hoc queries and instead collaborate on turning insights into actions.

Answering deep and meaningful questions is a breeze with Advise's built-in predictive analytics.
Category Manager
(Using Advise for more than 1 year)
“I literally save 3 weeks a month because my standard reports are generated and updated automatically. Because everyone has access to Advise I also face way less ad hoc queries.”
Automatic dashboards and reporting
Works with all EPOS and Distribution data sources
Product performance, forecasting and anomaly detection
All insights available in one place for all
No coding/querying required by end user
Automatic performance forecasting and anomaly detection
Reduces basic ad-hoc questions

Save 75% in data wrangling time

Our users are saving up to 70% data wrangling time with Advise automatically analyzing data and outputing dynamic dashboards.
No more mundane reporting and the time saved can be used to action the insights.

Key Advise Modules

Advise comes packed with a variety of different modules to help you and your teams with a wide range of ways to interrogate and understand your data. Each module has a collection of dashboards that have been created by data scientists to get the most out of your data. Each of these modules is described below.

Interrogate the performance of individual SKU’s and products (groups of synonymous SKU’s). Track the success of your new product launches and those of your competitors. Take control of your relationship with retailers by performing continuous range reviews in each category.
Market & Category
Discover the trends, changes, and momentum across the market and the category(s) that you are active in. Drill down to retailers, segments, sub-segments, and micro-segments to identify areas of growth or decline. Understand the interrelationship between metrics to understand what is driving change in the market.
Store Performance
Utilise EPOS per store information to drill down to individual stores and measure their performance against each retailers plannogram. Pinpoint which SKU’s and ranges work in which stores and store types. Identify the availability of each SKU in each store and make use of our automatic lost sales opportunity calculation to prioritise the remediation activities for your field sales team.
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