The Technology

Utilizing the best in Statistical and Machine Learning techniques to guide the data-driven future of Consumer Goods

  • Wide range of powerful tools to easily analyse and understand the important signals and KPIs.
  • Simulate potential strategies to test hypotheses.
  • Choose the winning actions with confidence.


Advise is a fully serviced enterprise data analytics solution for the Consumer Goods industry. It combines the latest in cloud-based micro-service enterprise application architecture, to offer a uniquely dynamic solution for your whole organisation.

Advises combines a clean intuitive and easy-to-use interface with rich visualisations powered by the latest and greatest techniques in data analytics.

In addition, Advise harnesses a range of both predictive, statistical-based, analytics, but also more advanced prescriptive, machine-learning and AI-based techniques, to explain insights and recommend next best actions.

Data Model

Unlike typical solutions, Advise comes with an out-of-the-box data model for Consumer Goods that is ready to house all of your products, EPOS, stores, distribution, availability, and field sales data.

A prominent feature of the data model is the One View compound capability, which can bring together data from disparate data sources to create a complete single view of the market.

Predictive Analytics
Lost Sales
Anomaly detection
Seasonally adjusted performance forecasting
Pricing Simulation
Prescriptive Analytics
Range Review
Price change recommendation
Promotional strategy recommendation
How does a deployment work?
  • Advise is offered as a SaaS enterprise web-based data analytics and visualisation platform.
  • Advise is cloud-based, secure, robust, available, and comes fully supported and maintained, with serviced data updates.
  • Advise has a no-limit seat policy because we believe that in order to be data-driven the output of data analytics should be available to all.
  • Advise is offered on a simple monthly licence basis. Initial configuration and launch typically takes less than 4 weeks.
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