The Data Driven Future of Revenue Growth Management

Answers in under a minute.

Advise gets you to the answers you need quickly and with ease.

Below is a series of short videos of Advise in action, showcasing just how simply and efficiently Advise can help you answer some of the most common questions.

Market / Category

How do I check the performance of a segment?

00:39 seconds

How do I understand areas of growth & decline in the market?

00:36 seconds

How do I track changes in market segment?

00:31 seconds

How do I understand the performance of individual products and SKU’s?

00:36 seconds

How do I understand where my products sit in the category?

00:40 seconds

How do I stay ahead of the curve on range reviews?

01:11 seconds

How do I quickly find stores with product availability issues?

00:44 seconds

How do I identify stores with distribution issues that need to be fixed?

00:37 seconds

How do I understand my on-plan, off-plan and lost sales opportunity over time?

00:35 seconds

How to track my product distributon across retailers in my territories?

00:41 seconds

How to identify stores with distribution issues that need to be fixed?

00:56 seconds

How do I understand which stores are the most important?

00:40 seconds
All your Data
In one unified system that all can access
Field sales mobile App
Manage stores and collect your own data
Automatic reporting
With rich and varied visualisations
Democratized access
To your data for everyone across your business
Robust, secure, and always available
Automatic data updates
With proactive notifications
Predictive analytics
Forecasting, anomaly detection and range analysis
Pricing & Promotion
Price elasticity, price change simulation and promotion analytics
Increased Revenues
With confident data-driven decisions, our customers grow their annual revenues by up to 3%.
Increased Margins
With Advise, you can deploy winning data-backed pricing & promotion strategies with confidence.
Increased Efficiencies
With over 75% reduction in data wrangling time, save that wasted time to drive efficiencies and business action
Automation for everyone
Dashboards and optimizations are automated and dynamic. Everyone can easily access and interact with the insights.
Tailored to Any Fit
Customised and configured for your specific inputs and output needs - we are your data science team. Advise is your tailored solution.
Cloud & Mobile Available
Robust, scalable, secure. Served from the cloud and available on mobile devices.

Advise Playground

In order to showcase all that Advise has to offer, we have created a sandbox where you can access and play around in your own time.

The Playground version of Advise is centred on our standard Consumer Packaged Goods offering, using dummy data from the “Milk” category, and gives access to our standard dashboards and visualisations.

Check out the Product Tracker dashboard, which also includes predictive analytics output from our forecasting and anomaly detection support modules.

Enjoy exploring the Playground! Let us know what you think.

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