How can Advise help you?

Advise gives you a wide range of powerful tools that enable you to easily analyse and understand the important signals and KPIs.

Extract insights from your data that, until now, would have only been possible with a full data science team.

Advise proactively notifies you of important insights, latest changes in trends and helps you to simulate future price and promotion scenarios.

The current Advise modules

Advise comes packed with a variety of different modules to help you and your teams with a wide range of ways to interrogate and understand your data. Each module has a collection of dashboards that have been created by data scientists to get the most out of your data. Each of these modules is described below.

Market & Category
Discover the trends, changes, and momentum across the market and category(s). Drill down to retailers, segments, sub-segments, and micro-segments to identify drivers and areas of growth or decline.
Interrogate the performance of individual SKU’s and products. Own your own product coding. Track the success of your new product launches and those of your competitors. Perform continuous range reviews.
Be alerted of price changes across the products in your category(s). Overlay price changes to measure impact on products and to the brands, ranges, and category(s) as a whole.
Visualise your promotional strategy and that of your competitors. Measure the success of promotional activities, identify successful approaches and optimize your plans.
Gain access to a rich model of all of the stores in your market. Overlay your field sales rep assignments, upload retailer planograms, and set per-store targets.
Store Distribution
Overlay case distribution information over the store model. Identify stores that are underperforming or low on stock, track distribution to planogram/target, and prioritize field sales visits to these stores.
Store Performance
Overlay EPOS per store information and pinpoint which SKU’s and ranges work in which stores and store types. Identify lost sales opportunities to prioritize remediation activities.
Advise Sales Assist
Available for iOS and Android for field sales teams. Record store visits and track actions taken. Turn your field sales team into a sensor network, building your own rich data resource.
Align invoices with the rest of your data. Get a holistic understanding of each of your client accounts and their buying behavior.
Advise Sales Assist
Take Advise on the road and arm your Field Sales team with dynamic targets and objectives, with the Advise Sales Assist app for iOS and Android.

Specially designed to assist Field Sales agents with intuitive store–level information, individual store objectives and simple reporting functions.

Your field sales team are your eyes and ears on the ground – they can act as a data sensor network – become your own data collector, gather your own market intelligence.
  • Personalized rep store lists
  • Individual store map & information
  • Individual store sales objectives
  • Customizable reporting and notes
  • Realtime data updates to Advise
Data Providers & Partners
Advise can ingest and analyse data from all of the common providers and can combine data from EPOS, sales-out, distribution, shopper behaviour sources, whether it's your 3rd party or internal data.

But we also offer a range of home-grown (weather, demographic, pricing, promotion) and partner data sources that can be pre-configured with Advise. Contact us today to learn more about the data sets that are available.

If you are a data provider and would like your data to be pre-loaded and available on Advise, get in contact to learn about our partner network.

We work with a range of partners and service providers in the sector. The challenge of future-proofing the consumer goods industry needs a community of providers to succeed and we are happy to introduce you to our trusted partners. Reach out for an introduction.

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